Flood Early Warning System for Drim River

The extended Drim is a large river basin located in the Western Balkans with international importance as it is shared by the countries Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Its catchment covers approximately 20,380 km². Main rivers in Montenegro are the Morača and Zeta rivers having a high influence on Skadar Lake, shared by Montenegro and Albania and its outlet Bojana river.

The Drim River Basin has been affected by severall floods over the last years affecting many people demonstrating the need for closer cooperation between the states in the basin. Especially the floods in 2010 affecting many people in Montenegro and Albania. The riparian states have therefore taken steps to strengthen trans-boundary flood warning cooperation in establishing a trans-boundary flood warning system. Main institutions involved are the national hydrometeorological services of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. Main elements of the Flood Early Warning System is the exchange of hydrometeorological real-time data, enabling trans-boundary and national flood forecasting.

The establishment of the Drim Flood Early Warning System is suppurted by the project 'Climate Change Adaptation in Western Balkans' financed by the German Government and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Activities since September 2012 include: Round-table on establishing Flood Early Warning System; Assessment Study to identify gaps and needs for establishing a flood early warning system; designing hydrometeorological network providing real-time data; development of specifications for equipment, procurement of equipment, preparation of locations, installation of stations and IT system; creation of a hydrological model for the river basin; Study Trip to Germany; Study Trips within river basin; measurement campaigns.

In Montenegro a total of 10 stations were upgraded or newly installed through the project providing now real-time information.

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